March 27, 2010

The POWER To . . .

AnnunciationWhile attending Mass on Thursday of last week (March 25th), I wondered how many Catholics knew what day it was.  Do you know what day March 25th was?

March 20, 2010

An Echo In Eternity

Lionel TrainOne of the most memorable events of my honeymoon with Georgette in 1980 was when we went to Disney World.  At that time, we were both 23 years old and we had big dreams for our future together.  While we were browsing through one of the gift shops at Disney, Georgette picked out two outfits she wanted to buy to be set aside for the future (to be worn at a later time).  Two years later, she was able to dress our son Harry in the Mickey Mouse outfit she bought at Disney World, and two years after that she was able to dress our daughter Anna in the Minnie Mouse outfit.

March 13, 2010

What To Wear When Battling Pirates

Pirate ShipI heard a joke recently that I think is worth passing on:  Two well-armed pirate ships with large crews are closing in on a ship.  The first mate alerts the captain of the ship that they are about to be attacked.  The captain immediately barks out an order to the first mate: “Bring me my red shirt!”  A fierce battle takes place and the captain and his crew defeat the attacking pirates.  The first mate then asks the captain why he insisted on wearing his red shirt.  The captain responds, “I put on my red shirt because if I would have been wounded in battle, my men would not have been able to see my blood and lose heart.”  The following week, the first mate rushes up to the captain and tells him that an entire fleet of well-armed pirate ships – a dozen in all – with large crews, is closing in on the ship.  The captain immediately shouts out an order to the first mate: “Bring me my I brown pants!”

March 6, 2010

More On Catholic Marriage

MarriageWhen Georgette and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, we received a card from one of my younger sisters.  On the front of the card it said: “Congratulations, You Did It The Old Fashioned Way!”  On the inside of the card it said: You Stayed Marrried!  Happy Anniversary!”