The primary purpose of Adoration.com is:

1. To challenge people to think about their faith and personal spiritual growth in a different way each week by discussing current events and other matters that may relate to the Catholic faith;

2. To encourage people to develop a deeper prayer life (which will hopefully lead them to agree to commit to a weekly holy hour in a local adoration chapel);

3. To follow the advice of Fr. John Hardon, a very holy Jesuit priest who provided the owner and manager of Adoration.com with spiritual guidance for over 10 years (1989 – 1999). During those years, Fr. Hardon repeatedly said that it is our “obligation” as Catholics to share the faith with others by writing on a regular basis. Fr. Hardon practiced what he preached. During his lifetime, he wrote 34 books relating to the Catholic faith. He died in 2000 at the age of 84.

We’re hoping you will find the weekly articles worth reading. Feel free to post your comments at the end of each article, and if you see any interesting articles or information that you think could be used as content for Adoration.com articles, please forward them to: hwilliams@adoration.com. Thank you.