May 18, 2019

A Ghostwriter For Online Dating

Her name is Meredith Golden. She’s 43 years old and lives in New York with her husband and two sons. She has a master’s degree in social work from New York University. According to a recent article in The New York Times, Golden is a professional dating app ghostwriter. The article provided the following summary of what services Golden offers to her clients:

March 30, 2019

Religious Extremists and the Vietnam War

I ordinarily attend daily Mass at Sacred Heart Church in downtown Peoria. Last Monday (March 25), I saw my parents at noon Mass and talked to them after the Mass. My mom told me that it was the 58th anniversary of her consecration to the Mother of God. I knew that she had made her consecration years ago, but I was not aware of the actual date.

December 15, 2018

A Valuable Cheat Sheet For Growth & Perfection

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of willingly choosing to accept less freedom in order to become something greater than what we already are. When we choose to consistently give up certain freedoms, we become much more responsible, and we are eventually able to achieve more than we would have ever thought was possible. This is a critical concept that must be understood and practiced by those of us who are serious about becoming what God intended us to be.

I believe that one of the biggest shocks we’re going to experience immediately after our deaths will be when God reveals to us what we could have achieved if we had followed His plan for us. The disparity between what we actually achieved on Earth and what He planned for us will be so enormous that we will be completely flabbergasted. What will be most obvious to us is how selfish we were and how most of our thoughts and actions were focused on what we could do for ourselves rather than what we could do for God and our neighbor.

In order to close the gap between who we actually are and what God intended for us to be, we must focus daily on managing and eliminating our pride and our primary fault. We must freely choose to actively resist the tendencies and temptations that favor our pride and our primary fault. At the same time, we must also choose to practice the actions and virtues that are contrary to our sinful tendencies and faults. By doing this, we will be imitating our Savior in a minor but important way.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, while our Lord was praying and anguishing over the suffering and death he was about to endure, He could have easily chosen to flee and never return to Jerusalem or any of the cities surrounding Jerusalem. He had a free will just like you and me. He had the freedom to choose to disappear into the wilderness, or to accept and embrace the suffering and death that His Almighty Father had planned for Him. By freely choosing to follow His Father’s plan, He opened the gates of Heaven for all of us.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about what God’s plan is for them. They don’t think about or realize that before they can successfully follow God’s plan, they must first diligently work on eliminating their faults. They behave as though they will never have to answer to God for their behavior. Yet they wonder why their lives are so empty. And they blame others for their inability to improve themselves.

If you have read about some of the lives of the saints, you know that they had a daily regimen in which they prayed and assessed where they were in life and where they thought God wanted them to be. They knew the importance of self-management. They also knew that if they were to live up to God’s expectations, they had to develop certain habits and rituals that forced them to regularly review and manage themselves. They weren’t perfect at this, but they were at least 10 times better at it than most people are at managing their lives.

One of the techniques Saint Ignatius of Loyola taught to his students was for them to set aside time each day — early in the morning and again at around noon — to determine how well they had done since the last time they had reflected on how they were spending their time. They were taught to reflect on: (1) how well they had done in managing and overcoming their faults, (2) how well they had done in following God’s plan and the plan they had prepared for themselves, and (3) what God’s plan for them was for the next half day.

In reviewing how well they had done in overcoming their faults, Saint Ignatius’s students were instructed to review what each of them had done to manage and correct their pride and their primary fault. Had they freely chosen to give up the traits that were associated with their faults? Had they freely chosen to practice the virtues that were contrary to their faults?

I want to suggest to you that you immediately incorporate Saint Ignatius’s exercise into your daily regimen. I’m going to provide you with a cheat sheet that you can use to review — in the morning and at around noon of each day — to determine what sinful tendencies you engaged in, and what virtues and virtuous actions you engaged in. Here’s the cheat sheet:

Pride – Defiance, intolerance, vanity, boastfulness, disdainfulness, revengefulness, impatience, unforgiveness, self-centeredness, stubbornness, unbridled ambition, self-aggrandizement, dishonesty, hypersensitivity, conceitedness, haughtiness, touchiness, and blindness to advice.

October 27, 2018

Secrets of a Dying Man

I want you to imagine that there is a cave that is located in a public park that’s about 30 minutes from where you live. The park consists of 320 acres, half of which is comprised of trees, valleys, and heavy brush. Hidden away in the trees and brush is an underground cave that only one person knows about.

One day while you are driving home from work, you notice a man on the side of the road who appears to be injured. You pull over and check to see if he is all right. You quickly realize that he is in bad shape and is dying. He appears to be in his 70s. He is able to tell you that he was walking on the side of the road and was hit by a large truck that swerved off the road and hit him. The truck then drove away without stopping.

You grab your cell phone from your car and call 911. While you are waiting for help to arrive, the man tells you that his name is Tony, and that he was raised as a Catholic. You quickly take off the Brown Scapular that you always wear around your neck and place it around his neck, fearing that he is going to die before he gets to the hospital. You tell him that you are going to pray an act of contrition with him. You then slowly recite the prayer out loud, so he can follow along with you.

After you’re finished with the prayer, Tony asks you to pass a loving message on to his elderly wife and family. He then tells you that he wants to share two very important secrets with you before he dies. He tells you that both secrets have miraculous attributes. The first secret is an earthly secret and the second is a spiritual secret.

The first secret is the location of what he calls a miraculous cave. The cave he is referring to is the underground cave that’s located in the park. He tells you that if you look in his pocket, you will find a map to the cave. He tells you that if you follow the map, you will find an unlimited supply of gold in the cave. He says that he’s known about the cave since he was a teenager. He found out about it from a man who was on his deathbed.

The miraculous part of the cave is that every time you remove gold, the next time you return to the cave, the gold that you removed has not only been replaced, but there’s an additional amount of gold that has been added to the supply that was previously there. For example, if you remove 10 pounds of gold from the cave, when you return there will be 12 pounds of gold in the place where you removed the 10 pounds.

Tony warns you that you will be tempted to share the secret with members of your family, knowing that the gold will never run out. He warns you that most people are not ready to handle the riches that they would be able to acquire from the cave. He also tells you that if too many people learn about the cave, the government will find out about it and close it down.

Tony then tells you the second secret, after which he asks you to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with him. Before you are finished praying the chaplet, Tony passes away.

The day after Tony dies, you meet with his wife and family to pass on his message of love. You then get in your car and follow the map to the underground cave. You are shocked to find out that everything Tony told you was true. You load up your car with gold, take it home, and hide it in your basement.

The next day you go back to the cave and the gold that you took the previous day has been replaced with more gold than you loaded into your car. The only person you tell about the miraculous cave is your wife, who assures you that she will never tell anyone.

Over the course of the next five years, it’s as though you are living in paradise. You and your wife are able to provide your young children with everything that they could ever want. Each year, you take your family on a new “vacation of a lifetime.” On the five-year anniversary of the day that you learned the secret from the dying man, you are involved in the same type of accident that he was involved in. As a result of your injuries, both of your legs have to be amputated. You quickly realize that all the gold in the world cannot help you get your legs back.

You are angry, depressed, and resentful. How could this happen to you? You had everything going for you. You and your family were set for life. For the next year, you suffer under the torment of what could have been. You have nightmares of the accident that ruined your life.

Because of your despair, your wife insists that you begin attending daily Mass with her. The first day that you go to daily Mass, the priest announces that the day is October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Upon hearing the priest’s announcement, for the first time since Tony told you the two secrets, you remember the second secret. Tears start streaming down your face because when Tony told you the second secret, he emphasized that before you took advantage of the first secret, you were required to put the first secret into practice.

What was the second secret? It was what Tony called “the best-kept secret in the Catholic Church.” Tony started out by telling you about the miraculous power that the Blessed Mother was given to influence our daily lives, which is triggered by the recitation of the daily Rosary. He told you that if you remained in the state of grace and prayed the Rosary every day while doing your best to meditate on its mysteries, the Mother of God would arrange for an abundance of additional grace to flow to you every day from Almighty God.

He emphasized that the grace that you received would work the same way that the gold worked — that each time you received grace as a result of the intercession of the Blessed Mother, like the gold in the cave, the grace that was sent to you would be replaced with more grace than you received.

He said that each subsequent day, you would not only receive the same amount of grace that you received the previous day, but you would also receive the additional grace that was added when the previous day’s grace was replaced. He said that as the grace increased each day, it would begin to flow through you to your wife, your children, your parents, and your siblings. Tony emphasized the fact that the cumulative grace that you would receive each day would be far superior to the material gold that you would be able to collect from the cave.

After your experience at Mass and your recollection of the second miraculous secret, you make a promise to God that you will do your best to attend Mass every day and that you and your family will pray a Rosary every day. Over time, your anger, depression, and despair dissipate and you begin to have hope again for your future and the future of your family. You also begin to see the extraordinary effects of the great grace that flows to you and your family each day as a result of this new daily prayer ritual. You never get your legs back, but you end up with something much more valuable — a guarantee that you and your family will eventually spend eternity with God, His mother, and all the angels and saints.


Although there is no such thing as a miraculous cave, the secret of the Rosary is genuine and real. Miraculous graces really will descend upon you and through you to the members of your family when you develop a relationship with the Mother of God by praying her daily Rosary.

I was fortunate to have a mother who taught me the secret of the Rosary when I was a boy. Although I didn’t put the secret into practice until I was out of college, I can tell you from what I have observed in my own life and the lives of the members of my family who have implemented this secret, that it works exactly the way I just described it. If you are skeptical about this miraculous prayer, all I ask is that you suspend your disbelief for one year and follow the secret for the next 365 days. I can guarantee you that you will experience the great power of the Rosary as well as the Blessed Mother’s eagerness to assist you and your family.

October 13, 2018

Is He a Man or is He a Woman?

A lawsuit was recently filed by a Christian-based nonprofit women’s homeless shelter against the City of Anchorage, Alaska, the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, and the executive director of the commission. According to the lawsuit, the Hope Center, which operates as the Downtown Soup Kitchen, is asking the court to allow it to exclude individuals who were born as biological males, but who now claim to be female. The Hope Center has been in business for more than 30 years.

The lawsuit was filed because the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission launched an investigation after a complaint was filed by a transgender woman who was denied access to the Hope Center. The lawsuit is asking a federal judge to overturn a city ordinance as unconstitutional because it violates the religious beliefs of the individuals who run the shelter.

Here’s how the Hope Center described its dilemma in the lawsuit that was filed with the court:

It would not only be dangerous and against common sense, but it would violate the Hope Center’s sincerely held religious beliefs to admit biological men into its shelter and allow them to sleep side by side and disrobe next to women, some of whom have been assaulted by men and fear for their safety.

July 7, 2018

The Greatest Female Mentor of All Time

During the 1970s, when I was in high school and then college, there were three popular family singing groups in America: the Partridge Family, the Osmonds, and the Jackson Five. The Partridge Family had a weekly TV show that aired from 1970 to 1974, and two of the Osmond siblings, Donny and Marie, had a weekly TV show that aired from 1976 to 1979. Both shows provided clean, wholesome family entertainment.

Three years after the Donny and Marie show ended (1982), Marie married her first husband. The two divorced in 1985, and she married her second husband a year later. She divorced her second husband in 2007. During her two marriages, Marie had three biological children and adopted five children. On February 26, 2010, her 18-year-old son, Michael, committed suicide by jumping off the eighth-floor balcony of his apartment in Los Angeles.

During an interview several months after Michael’s death, Marie disclosed that Michael struggled from depression and had previously attempted to take his own life. She said that after his initial failed suicide attempt, he promised her that he would “never do anything like that again.” She also lamented, “People say things like, ‘Well, at least you have seven more children.’ No, I have eight children. My heart will never put anybody else in that place but Michael.”

I previously wrote about the suicide of the 27-year-old son of Rick and Kay Warren, the co-founders of Saddleback Church, an evangelical church in California. Their son had suffered from mental illness for most of his life. On April 5, 2013, he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Kay later told a reporter, “A lot of it’s a blur. I just know I hit the ground and laid on the ground for hours, sobbing… I will never get over losing my son. I will never stop missing him.”

There is nothing more devastating to a mother than the suicide of a son or a daughter.

We know from the Gospel of Mark that during our Lord’s public life, He was approached by a synagogue leader who told Him that the leader’s 12-year-old daughter was “at the point of death.” He then said to our Lord, “Please come lay your hands on her that she may get well and live.” Mark 5:21-24

Prior to arriving at the synagogue leader’s house, our Lord was told that the girl had already died. He still went to the house with some of His apostles and the girl’s father. When they arrived at the house, our Lord entered the dead girl’s room, held her hand, and told her to rise. The girl immediately woke up and started walking around. Our Lord told the girl’s father to give her something to eat. He then gave strict orders to everyone who was present not to tell anyone what had happened. Mark 5:35-43

Raising the young girl from the dead was not our Lord’s first miracle. His first public miracle was described in the Gospel of John:

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine gave out, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.” And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

June 2, 2018

What Superpower Would You Choose?

If you could choose a superpower that only you would possess, what would it be? Would it be the ability to fly like Superman? Or would you choose the ability to travel through time like Dr. Strange, or to live forever like Peter Pan? There’s one superpower that I think would be of great benefit to me in my dealings with other people on both a personal and business level.

That power would be the ability to see right through a person, directly into his or her soul. If I had that ability, I would be able to immediately determine whether the person was honest or dishonest, sane or insane, pure or evil. I wouldn’t have to rely on my limited human abilities to determine whether it was prudent to develop a personal or business relationship with the person.

This superpower would probably be more of a curse than a blessing because I would be able to see all the faults and defects of everyone I came into contact with, which would likely cause me great distress.

I thought about that particular superpower a couple of weeks ago when I read some comments that were related to my article about the contractor (“Ray”) who had used gaslighting in an attempt to get me to agree to pay for additional services. After I wrote the article, I received comments from two men who wanted to know why I decided to do business with someone who used questionable methods on me to try to sell me additional services.

There was a time in America when you could generally trust most of the people you came into contact with. The time I’m referring to was when most Americans were raised on the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded upon. Prior to the 1960s, children who were enrolled in the public school system were taught the Ten Commandments.

They were also taught the Christian virtues of honesty, humility, temperance, respect, moderation, self-control, discipline, integrity, compassion, gratitude, kindness, patience, perseverance, contentment, confidence, self-respect, loyalty, self-reliance, resourcefulness, order, frugality, sincerity, cleanliness, chastity, and purity.

Unfortunately, because of the secularization of our culture and the complete abandonment of the teaching of Christian virtues, there is now a high probability that a majority of people you come into contact with do not believe in or practice the same morals and virtues that you and I believe in and practice.

When President Reagan was elected in 1980, he was the first president in the history of our country who had been divorced and remarried. Thirty-six years later, the American people elected a president who had been divorced twice and was on his third marriage. Until 1980, it was impossible for a divorced person to be elected president of the United States, because the majority of voters felt that such a man lacked the moral character to lead our great nation.

Unfortunately, we can no longer assume that the people we meet are honorable, trustworthy, or in possession of high moral standards. To protect ourselves, we must at least keep in mind that when we meet a person, he or she cannot be trusted. But if we decide to adopt this attitude toward everyone we meet, we can easily become cynical and paranoid, which could easily end up influencing the way we treat the people we currently have relationships with.

Last year, when I found out that my roof had been damaged by hail, I called four roofing companies for   estimates. The four men who came to my house to do estimates appeared to be knowledgeable and honest. Three of the men provided straightforward estimates that were based on replacing the shingles on my roof with the same type of shingles that had been previously used.

When the fourth man came to my house, he noticed that there were fields on the north and east sides of my house. He asked if we had problems with high winds coming across the fields. I answered yes and told him that we previously had some shingles replaced because of wind damage. He then proceeded to tell me that the only way he would do the job was if I was willing to invest in higher-quality, wind-resistant shingles that are manufactured by Owens Corning Corporation.

Ray warned me that his price was going to be higher than what the insurance company was willing to pay. He said that if I insisted on choosing the same type of shingles that were on my house, he was not willing to do the job, because it could harm the reputation of his company. He didn’t want to be blamed at a later time for using the wrong shingles on the house.

Ray also insisted that I replace the gutters on my house with wider, deeper gutters. He pointed out an area on my patio that had settled because rainwater had repeatedly flowed over on one of the gutters, which caused pooling on the concrete. Over time, the pooling caused the concrete to settle a couple of inches.

After meeting with Ray, I read the online reviews for his company. I also checked out some of the work his company had done for other homeowners. From the best that I could tell, his company had a good reputation and did high-quality work.*

I did lose some confidence in him when he pulled the gaslighting routine on me, but I wasn’t surprised at how aggressive he was, because he was aggressive with me from the beginning when he insisted that I use different shingles and replace the gutters.

My decision to hire Ray’s company was not difficult, because I was confident that I had found the right company to do the job. But he did end up hurting himself when he engaged in what I considered unethical behavior. If he had not used his gaslighting methods on me, I would have been willing to post a favorable online review and recommend his company to other people.

I will say that over the years, I have developed a high level of confidence in my ability to make the right decisions when it comes to dealing with various individuals I may not be able to completely trust. I can be confident because I know from faith and experience that the Mother of God always guides me in all my decisions.

She consistently watches over me because I pray her Rosary every day. And I mentally call out to her several times each day and ask for her assistance in helping me with my decisions and my work. I still make mistakes, but ever since I started praying the daily Rosary — more than 40 years ago — I’ve never made a mistake that has been so severe that it caused me to suffer from any grave consequences. I’ve always been able to recover from and benefit from my mistakes.

Most people don’t think about or understand how important it is to develop and maintain a daily, dynamic relationship with the Mother of God. They don’t realize that she actually does have the power to see through people, directly into their souls. She knows exactly what I’m up against when I’m dealing with someone, and she is willing and able to give me the guidance that I need to make the right decisions.

None of us will ever have the power to see directly into people’s souls. But we do have access to someone who not only has that power, but loves us and has a burning desire to help us in everything that we do. Before she can help us, though, we have to reach out to her every day with her preferred method of communication — the holy Rosary.

*Ray’s company completed the job last week and did a great job on the shingles and the gutters.

May 5, 2018

Healthy Paranoia vs Healthy Fear

Last week, I wrote about the importance of practicing healthy paranoia. The definition of “paranoia” is “a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.” My definition of “healthy paranoia” is “the intentional practice on the part of a person to be reasonably and rationally suspicious and distrustful of people who the person is not intimately familiar with, so the person can guard against unanticipated surprises and dangers.”

My wife and I raised seven children to adulthood — one boy and six girls. Our children would tell you that while they were growing up, I was suspicious and distrustful of all outsiders, including people in the school system, the people my children interacted with in community theater, and the people who were their friends.

There can be a fine line between excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others (paranoia) and reasonable and rational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others (healthy paranoia).

There may have been a time 80 or 100 years ago when most of the people a person came into contact with had good intentions and could generally be trusted, but in today’s culture, where sinful behavior is glorified and virtuous behavior is vilified, we have to be extremely careful about who we trust. We must be willing to make people earn our trust, instead of simply trusting them because they seem to be nice and respectful, or because we’re related to them, know their parents, or have heard good things about them.

But there is a danger in practicing healthy paranoia toward others. The danger is that the line between reasonable and rational paranoia and excessive or irrational paranoia is very thin. When we cross that line, we can easily become negative and cynical, which can, over time, destroy the healthy relationships that we have with the people that we care about.

What can we do to avoid crossing that line? I’ll tell you what I do to keep myself from crossing the line. First, I follow the basic principles that I believe are required of me as a devout Catholic:

•   Remain in the state of sanctifying grace at all times;

April 21, 2018

A Personal Bodyguard For Your Family

I’m writing this article while I’m in the presence of our Lord in the adoration chapel at the Church of the Risen Christ in Denver, Colorado. Georgette and I arrived in Denver yesterday (April 18) to visit our newest grandchild. Her name is Magdalene, and she was born three weeks ago. Magdalene is our 15th grandchild and the first child of our daughter, Laura, and her husband, Tyler.

I love it when a new baby is born into our family. Among other things, it’s a reminder of how loving and generous God is to allow us to share in the gift of creation.

But along with the ability to share in the creation of a new human soul that will live for all eternity, we have the responsibility and obligation to nurture and teach our children to know, love, and serve God.

We also have the responsibility and obligation to watch over, guide, and protect them from physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional harm. This responsibility has become more difficult over the past 60 years because of the complete breakdown of the Christian moral code that was at one time the foundation of our laws and culture (prior to the 1960s).

I remember being in high school during the early 1970s and hearing one of my great-aunts say that she “would never want to bring another child into this world because of all the dangers that the child would be exposed to.” And since the 1970s, the dangers that our children are exposed to have increased exponentially.

So what can those of us who are devout Catholics do to protect the bodies, minds, and souls of our children and grandchildren?

In 1990, when Georgette and I had four young children, we lived in a house that had a fenced-in backyard. Whenever our children were in the backyard playing, every five or ten minutes Georgette would look out the kitchen window to make sure the children were okay.

One of our neighbors, whose yard was on the other side of the backyard fence, owned a big dog that would often stand at the fence and bark at our children while they were playing. We were not concerned about the dog because we knew that it was not able to jump over the fence.

One day, while two of our daughters were playing in the backyard, Georgette glanced out the kitchen window to check on them. The moment she looked out the window, she saw the neighbor’s dog jump over the fence and run toward the girls. Georgette immediately ran outside and placed herself between the dog and our daughters, who were so frightened they were paralyzed. She then brought the girls into the house.

What had happened was that our neighbor had cleaned up his yard and piled some brush up against the fence. The dog climbed on top of the brush and was then able to jump over the fence. We contacted our neighbor and he removed the brush so the dog could no longer jump over the fence.

Fortunately for us, the moment our girls were in danger, their mother was there to protect them.  Georgette did what any loving mother would do — rush to the aid of her children.

Consider this: If a loving, earthly mother would do everything in her power to protect her vulnerable children, what would the mother of God (and mankind) do for her vulnerable children? The Blessed Virgin Mary is no stranger to suffering. She has had personal experience with the dangers that threaten all of us.

What were some of the dangers she went through while she lived on Earth? She was forced to flee to Egypt with her husband and infant Son so her Son wouldn’t be murdered by Herod’s army.

Twelve years later, when she lost track of her Son for three days, she and her husband feared that His life was in danger.

Later in life, she experienced the one nightmare any loving mother would sacrifice her life to avoid. She saw her innocent, grown Son tortured and murdered by His enemies. If anyone understands danger, it’s the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Now, of course, we all have to exercise prudence and good judgment when it comes to our own personal protection. But even if we do that, we are still extremely vulnerable. Unfortunately, there are criminals and predators all around us. Worse, they are also around our children and grandchildren. Our police departments are often not able to take action until after a crime has been committed. So what can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from danger — build a fortress and lock ourselves up?

It is simply not within our own power to protect ourselves and our loved ones from all the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological dangers that exist in our society. The good news is that we do have the power to pray for the protection that we need.

Ever since the incident with my wife and the dog in the backyard, I have made sure to have a personal bodyguard available at all times to protect me and my family from harm. Her name is Mary, and she is the mother of God. Although she is not physically at my side, she is constantly looking out the “window” of Heaven, watching over me and my family. Any time we are in danger, in a flash she is there to stand between us and the evils that we face. She is the perfect mother who sees all dangers and is available to provide the protection we need.

I’m willing to share with you the information you need to “hire” this same bodyguard for the protection of you and your family. I would like to charge you an extremely high fee for this information — $25,000 sounds good — because the information is so valuable. I’m concerned that because you are not paying for this information, you will place little to no value on it. However, having said that, here is my free advice as to how you can obtain the type of personal protection that is only available to a small percentage of the population.

If you would like to have a personal bodyguard for your family, you only need to do three additional things: (1) make sure you are in the state of sanctifying grace at all times; (2) pray your Rosary every day; and (3) wear your brown scapular at all times. If you don’t know how to pray the Rosary or if you don’t have a brown scapular, contact me and I’ll make sure to get you what you need.

A word of warning: The Blessed Virgin Mary will not take it upon herself to be your personal bodyguard unless you reach out to her every day by praying your Rosary and wearing your brown scapular. The Rosary is a powerful weapon against evil, and the brown scapular is the bulletproof armor you need to repel the spiritual and physical dangers that will inevitably come your way.

Don’t delay. You can’t afford to put off hiring a personal bodyguard for your family.