October 3, 2012

Angels – Pure, Created Spirits

One interesting theory that has been written about by some theologians is that God’s original plan did not include the creation of humans.  Instead, His original intention was to populate heaven with angels.  Unfortunately, because of the pride and rebellion of Lucifer and his followers, a conflict arose and Lucifer and his followers were subsequently cast into hell.  According to the theory, it was at that time that God decided to create the human race, with the intention of populating heaven with the exact number of humans needed to replace the fallen angels.  Although it’s an interesting theory, we have no way of knowing whether it’s true.

August 28, 2010

Your Very Own Miracle Worker

Imagine you’re trapped on the 19th floor of a burning building and you have no way of communicating with anyone.  Your only way out of the building is through a window.  You look out the window toward the ground and all you can see is a concrete sidewalk and street. 

August 21, 2010

The Perfect BFF

AngelGabrielA few months ago my son’s girlfriend joined our family for dinner at our home.  During dinner, she made a couple of comments about her “BFF.”  The comments were made in the context of “I told my BFF about…” and “Then my BFF said…”

August 14, 2010

An Invisible Friend

guardian-angelAbout a year after Georgette and I got married, she started calling me Houdini (after the great magician, Harry Houdini).  She claimed that every time there was work to be done around the house, I would disappear.  Unfortunately for her, I liked being compared to Houdini, and considered it to be a great compliment.  If she had asked my mom before we got married, my mom would have told her that I was really good at two things: (1) getting out of doing work; and (2) getting other people to do work for me.